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31st Circuit Court Place 1

Update:  On January 20, Mitchell D. Hays, one of the Republican candidates qualified by the Committee in this resolution, was appointed by Governor Ivey to serve as Judge of the 31st Circuit.  The next Republican primary election for candidates for this office to enter will occur in 2026.

Judge Jacqueline Hatcher of Colbert County's 31st Judicial Circuit, has resigned effective January 1, 2023.  The Alabama Constitution gives the Governor the authority and responsibility to appoint someone to replace Judge Hatcher.  The person appointed will not face re-election until November 3rd, 2026.  In its meeting on December 12, 2022, the CCREC resolved to provide the governor with a list of candidates who have publicly declared their support of the Republican Party and our candidates for office.  The process to produce this list began with candidates declaring their candidacy with our Party, followed by reviews of their credentials by Committee members and personal interviews.  In the end the Committee voted to approve the resolution seen here, which was submitted to the Governor's appointments board.  We believe that by selecting a candidate from this list, the governor will appoint a judge whose belief's conform in the main to those held by the majority of Republican voters in Colbert County and who will run in 2026 as a Republican.

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