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About Us


We are the Colbert County Republican Executive Committee.  We are elected by the residents of Colbert County in the Gubernatorial Republican Primary.  Our job is to certify the qualifications of candidates who wish to run in the Republican primary for county offices.  We are responsible for certifying the names of candidates who are qualified to the county probate judge for inclusion on the Republican primary ballot.  In our capacity as representatives on the State Executive Committee, we provide advice about the qualifications of candidates for state offices serving our county.  In Colbert County, we also support our Republican candidates.  In the 2020 election cycle, we spent over $10,500 to send more than 12,000 pieces of mail, thousands of robocalls, and ads supporting our entire Republican slate of candidates appearing on 6 radio stations covering the entire Shoals area.   We believe that by communicating our vision to the voters and recruiting and supporting candidates who honor our core principles and values that we can bring a government that looks like our Republican Creed closer to reality.

The Colbert County Republican Creed

The following creed encapsulates the principles of good government as approved by the Colbert County Republican Executive Committee on March 16, 2019.

We believe:

That faith in God has guided the leaders of our nation since its founding and has provided the moral axioms according to which our system of delineated rights and laws was created,

That a system of free enterprise that allows informed individuals to participate in transactions of their own volition generates the highest levels of productivity, inspires human ingenuity, and defends individual liberty,

That all individuals are entitled to equal rights under our laws while they assume the responsibilities of citizens in a free society,

That a proper judiciary administers the law following the strictest textual interpretation of each statute and legal precedent while restricting the government’s impingement on individual liberty to the least extent possible,

That domestic peace and tranquility is kept by an informed and responsible citizenry whose right to self-defense is unimpeded,

That enduring peace with our international neighbors is necessarily predicated upon a strong national defense,

That government must ensure that youth are given instruction in the language arts, science, mathematics, and humanities, enabling them to be productive citizens who appreciate the foundations and benefits of our constitutional republic,

That good government acts when necessary on behalf of the people to preserve the free economy, administration of the law, education of youth, and security of the population while respecting individual liberty and remaining fiscally sound, and,

That the goodness of government is measured by the prosperity of the people, not of itself.

Roster of Current Members of the Colbert County Republican Executive Committee

Each member shown has either been elected in the Republican primary election, elected by the Committee to fill an open seat, or appointed by the Chairman.

District 1

Place 1  Open

Place 2  Jarrod Johnson

Place 3  Open

District 2

Place 1  John I. Lackey

Place 2  Waylon W. Huguley (Chairman)

Place 3  Phillip Green

District 3

Place 1  Regina Wright

Place 2   Mike Ricketts

Place 3  Bennett L. Pugh

District 4

Place 1  Linda Joly (Vice Chairman)

Place 2  Fred Joly

Place 3  Open

District 5

Place 1  Joseph Poss

Place 2  John Reese

Place 3  Open

District 6

Place 1  David Isom

Place 2  Chuck Lansdell

Place 3  Steve Stayton


Place 1  Justin Gasque

Place 2  Denise Baschab (Secretary)

Place 3  Mary Isom

Place 4  Jackie Witt

Place 5  Nathan Johnson

Place 6   David Moore

Place 7   Tina Lansdell

President Colbert County Republican Women

Mary Baschab Haslacker

Chairman, Permanent Organization Committee


Chairman, Finance Committee


Chairman Appointments:

Cathy Stayton (Treasurer)

Members of the Alabama Republican Party representing Colbert County

Waylon Huguley, county chairman

David Black, place 1 

Andrew Sorrell, place 2 

Phillip Green, bonus seat 1

John Lackey, bonus seat 2  

Hannah Sorrell, bonus seat 3

Linda Joly, bonus seat 4

Fred Joly, bonus seat 5

We are a private organization but we are open and transparent to the public.  We operate according to rules and responsibilities that are described in our by-laws.  

Click Here to Read Our By-Laws

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